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Military Tuition Assistance

NC State welcomes our students wanting to utilize Federal Tuition Assistance to achieve their goals.

Federal Tuition Assistance at NC State

Members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard are eligible for Armed Forces Federal Tuition Assistance (TA). Each service is able to pay up to 100% of its members’ tuition expenses. Tuition Assistance money is usually paid directly to the institution.


  • Maximum of $250 per credit hour
  • Cannot exceed 16 credit hours per fiscal year (Army)
  • Cannot exceed $4,500 per fiscal year (Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy)
  • Comprehensive fees or course fee charges are not included

All qualified MGIB-SR Service members are authorized to use both TA and MGIB-SR benefits concurrently when enrolled in a program of education that is half-time or greater. Concurrent use is not authorized when enrolled less than half-time. 

FTA will pay toward one credential at each of the following levels:

  • Associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, with the exception of the undergraduate/graduate certificate, which can be completed every five years
  • First professional degrees are NOT eligible (e.g., doctorate degrees, juris doctorates)

Tuition assistance is for advancing your post-secondary education, so it may not be used to achieve a lower or lateral diploma or degree.

Exceptions: Initial state teacher certifications, chaplain certification or prerequisites for the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) may be eligible after receiving a master’s degree.

Remember, FTA is tuition assistance, which means it is for tuition only. It does not cover fees, examinations, e-learning or other expenses that are outside of an official degree plan.

Using Tuition Assistance at NC State

Active duty service members intending to use military Tuition Assistance (TA) at NC State should contact their Educational Service Officer (ESO) for information and assistance before proceeding with enrollment. Each branch of service has its own criteria eligibility and service requirements, as well as their own application and restrictions. 

Service members should contact their branch directly to inquire about their eligibility and the process for submitting the Tuition Assistance form through their branch’s platform. 

Students, once approved by your branch Education Services Office (ESO), please complete this form to request the use of Tuition Assistance at NC State

For further assistance with Military Tuition Assistance please contact: Cashier’s Office @ of 919.515.6278

In compliance with 34 C.F.R. 668, NC State University does not participate in fraudulent or aggressive recruitment of military students including, but not limited to, providing compensation to individuals for securing military enrollments or engaging in high-pressure recruitment tactics.

The Rule that governs refunds of Tuition and Fees for students called to active duty in the military or in case of national emergency is as follows:

  1. In the event a student requests to withdraw from the University due to receiving orders to report to active duty, the following practice will be followed with respect to adjusting charges on the student’s account:
  1. Tuition and required fees will be adjusted in full, regardless of the withdrawal date, as long as the student receives no academic credit for the work completed. In the event the student is granted full academic credit for work completed for the semester, or requests an Incomplete be given for their courses, this special withdrawal policy will not apply.
  2. Charges for services provided by the University which are considered consumed by the passage of time, such as Housing charges, Dining charges, Telecommunication charges, etc. will be prorated to the actual date of withdrawal.
  3. Other charges may be credited at the discretion of the issuing department.
  • The student will follow the normal procedure for withdrawing from the University, initiating the request through the Counseling Center. The Center will assign a Reason Code 5 to withdrawals approved under this procedure.
  • Provisions for forgiveness/repayment of Title IV Financial Aid are subject to Department of Education regulations, and the Office of Financial Aid will issue separate instructions for students withdrawing under this Special Withdrawal Procedure who have such aid.

Army Tuition Assistance

Soldiers must request TA through ArmyIgnitED prior to the course start date.

  • TA is requested on a course-by-course basis.
  • TA can be requested up to 60 days prior to the class start date.
  • TA requests must be made before the class start date to be considered for funding.
  • Soldiers must have an approved Education Path on file before they are eligible to request TA.

Steps to use Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) through ArmyIgnitED system:

  1. Create ArmyIgnitED account: follow the instructions on “How to Create a ArmyIgnitED student user account” to set up your ArmyIgnitED account.
  2. Create your Educational Path: follow the instructions on “How to Create Educational Paths and Request TA” tutorial.
    • Your ArmyIgnitED counselor and NC State has to approve your Education Path before you can move forward.
  3. Request TA: Complete your NC State TA Request form with the classes you want to request TA for the upcoming semester; everything must be approved before the first day of the semester in order to receive it for the semester.
    • Reminder: you get a maximum of 16 credits per fiscal year of TA (fiscal year runs 10/1-9/30), paid at most $250 per credit for a total of $4,000 towards tuition. TA does not cover the comprehensive fee or any tuition differential fees or course fees. 

Additional information and resources on how to create Education Paths and request Tuition Assistance through ArmyIginitED.

Air Force Tuition Assistance

To apply for Air Force Tuition Assistance, go to the Air Force Portal.

You will be unable to apply online for TA if the following applies to you:

  • Missing grades over 60 days from course end date.
  • Suspense dates that have expired.
  • Missing personal data in the education record including: Phone, DOS, DOB, Unit, Office Symbol, Mailing Address, Email Address, base, and Education Level.
  • Requesting TA for courses that start more than 30 days into the future.
  • Requesting TA for courses that have already started.
  • Requesting TA for lower level courses which are less than highest ed level awarded.
  • No degree plan in records.

If you receive a grade of incomplete from a school, you have as much time as the school allows you to clear the incomplete or 12 months from the end of the term, whichever comes first, to clear the incomplete. If you fail to provide a grade that clears the incomplete by that time, we are obligated to recover the tuition assistance.

After completing the necessary requests and requirements found on the Navy TA Website, submit a TA application in the MyNavy Education portal.

TA is available to Naval Officers, Enlisted active duty personnel and Naval Reservists on continuous active duty. It is also available to enlisted Naval Reservists ordered to active duty 120 days and to Naval Reservist Officers ordered to active duty for 2 years or more. To qualify, service members must:

  • Be on active duty for the whole length of the course.
  • Attend an institution accredited by a regional, national, or professional accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education.
  • Receive counseling from a Navy College Office

Students must provide all grades from previously funded TA courses and reimburse all W and U grades.

Withdrawals for involuntary reasons may be granted with command verification.

Marine Corps Tuition Assistance

After completing education counseling, apply for TA in the WebTA portal.

  • First-time students must complete a TA Orientation Class PRIOR to using TA.
  • Marines must apply for and receive written authorization for TA through the appropriate education office, PRIOR to enrollment.
  • TA for remote Marines and those assigned to other service sites is processed at Camp Lejeune for those east of the Mississippi and Camp Pendleton for those west of the Mississippi. I-I duty Marines apply through MARFORRES, New Orleans. Recruiters apply via their recruiting district or region headquarters.
  • Once a Marine is enrolled with TA he or she must submit a degree plan before exceeding 12 semester hours.

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

  • Will be authorized “up-front” for traditional college coursework for courses less than 18 weeks in length. Courses may be resident or remote.
  • There is no limitation on the use of TA when a member is receiving “financial aid” such as a student loan, Sallie Mae, Stafford loan, etc.
  • All courses must be taken from a nationally or regionally accredited institution, resulting in college credit or accredited clock or contact hours.
  • Direct expenses for instruction such as laboratory, studio, and shop fees may be included in the computation of education expenses covered by the 100% limitation for off-duty education. Provided, these costs are based on specific fees or charges customarily levied by educational Institutions and are directly tied to the course for which the fee is required

North Carolina National Guard Tuition Assistance Program (NC TAP)

What is NCTAP?

  • A educational reimbursement program for actively drilling Army & Air National Guard members of North Carolina
  • Available for use before attending IADT
  • Funding applicable at community colleges, technical, trade, or vocational training, proprietary and State educational institutions (two-year, four-year, graduate degree programs)
    • Payable at the in-state tuition rate only

Members must have a minimum obligation of two years remaining as a member of the North Carolina National Guard from the time of application

Once approved for NC TAP by your Educational Services Office, please complete your NC State Tuition Assistance Request Form.