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Yellow Ribbon Program

Tuition Assistance through Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon program is a joint initiative between NC State and the Veterans Administration. Beginning Fall 2016, participating students receive a payment of up to $5,700 per term (fall and spring only) to assist in offsetting the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition/fees.

Veterans Education Benefits students are considered for the Yellow Ribbon program if the following apply:

  • Student’s legal residence is not North Carolina
  • Student is not on active-duty orders
  • Student is not a “covered individual” under Section 702 of the Veterans “Choice Act” of 2014, as it pertains to non-resident tuition and fees
  • Student has a post-911 eligibility of 100 percent
  • Student is not the spouse of an active-duty service member using transferred benefits

NC State has a total of 35 Yellow Ribbon program participants, and available openings are awarded on a first-come/first-serve basis following student admission each term. Once students are part of the Yellow Ribbon program, they remain there until:

  • graduation
  • their legal residence changes to North Carolina
  • they become eligible under Section 702 of the “Choice Act”
  • they become active-duty personnel stationed in North Carolina